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Benefits of Using Realtors in Avalon NJ to Buy a Rental Property

Posted by RJ Soens Group on August 7, 2020


Buying an investment property to rent out in Avalon is a smart move, but because the process can be very long and complicated, working with experienced realtors in Avalon, NJ, is necessary for ensuring the process is as quick and stress-free as possible.

Nobody knows the ins-and-outs of buying an investment property on Seven Mile Island like our Avalon realtors who engage with the local market every day. So if you’re interested in investing in Avalon rental properties, having an expert on your side is a major advantage.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest challenges involved in finding the right rental property at the right price — and equally important, how having an experienced local agent by your side can reduce these challenges and make the whole process easier.

What To Be Aware of When Buying Avalon NJ Realty

There’s incredibly strong investment potential with Avalon NJ realty, but as with anywhere, there are also certain challenges to be aware of as you seek out your perfect rental property. Here are the big ones.

Challenge #1: The financing may look a bit different

Since your investment rental property is a second home, you’ll need to jump through a few more hoops when it comes to financing it. This generally includes a larger down payment and different mortgage terms. And because Avalon is a coastal town, you will also likely have to budget for higher insurance costs due to the possibility of damaging storms.

How our agents can help: Knowing the Avalon market inside and out has its perks, including having all of the insider info needed to secure you the best deal on your rental property from the get-go. This can help offset the additional financial burdens that generally come with purchasing a coastal investment property.

Challenge #2: It can be difficult to buy remotely

Many Avalon investors purchase their properties from afar. And while remote home buying is certainly doable, it comes with its own set of best practices that need to be followed. If you don’t have a great agent, you may face a lot of hurdles buying remotely that could impact both your deal and the efficiency of the process.

How our agents can help: We have a ton of experience helping our clients buy rental properties in Avalon remotely. Some of our unique remote services include virtual home tours and remote notary services to speed along your purchase from start to finish.

Challenge #3: Managing a rental property is a lot of work

Finding a great rental property is one thing, and managing it is another. Lots of investors want the added income that comes with a vacation rental property but don’t have the dedicated time for active maintenance and management — or the ability to be present at a moment’s notice.

How our agents can help: There’s no need to worry about managing your rental property, since our team can do it for you! We offer expert rental management services that take the guesswork out of renting out your property. From securing renters and collecting payments to being on speed dial for any emergencies, we’ll handle the details so that you can focus on other priorities.

Work With a Qualified Avalon NJ Real Estate Agent

The right Avalon NJ real estate agent can make all of the difference when you’re buying your Avalon investment property. And as a leading Avalon real estate agency, we’ve got the resources and experience you need for a great purchasing experience.

We’re ready to get started when you are. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the specific ways that we can help ensure a seamless process as you purchase and manage your Avalon rental property.

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